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Tim was once a lawyer. Wigs and gowns though were really not his thing and evenings and weekends were often spent around the pubs and clubs of London, Manchester and Dublin playing to what can best be described as “diverse” audiences.

Even at school it was evident that Tim had a gift for a melody. He served as an apprentice with a variety of bands, first as a drummer and backing singer before moving on to guitar, piano, harmonica and lead vocals, which is when he started to write songs.

At Hull University, doing the “sensible” thing and graduating in Law, Tim’s taste in music became honed, as did the kind of bands he played in. Always the lyricist in those days he often put the “meaning” of a song on a par with the melody, and at this point his talent emerged. He then moved to the Inns of Court School of Law in London, to qualify as a barrister.

Music however, was always his first love and as pen and paper met, his writing style consolidated itself into a blend of influences: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, the Gibb Brothers, and Jim Croce can all be detected in his work.

Since those early days Tim Ambler’s music has taken him from busking on the streets of France to supporting Mike Oldfield in front of 5000 people at the Point theatre in Dublin with just his voice and guitar. He has worked with and co-written with No. 1 hit songwriters such as Tony Hiller, J. Vincent Edwards, Russ Ballard, Rob Davis, Barry Mason and many more.

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