Audio CD

TechnoBase.FM Vol. 31

75 HandsUp- & HappyHardCore Songs!
Incl. Andrew Spencer I Jens O I Paffendorf & Brookly Bounce I Suickdrop / s3RL I Technikore & JTS I Topmodelz & DJ Fait
… and many more….

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Italo Eurobeat Collection Vol. 4

2CDs Incl. Alan Barry – DEX – Susanne Meals – Jasmone – Wilson Ferguson – Reflectors – Krystyna – Mindy Love …. any many more …  

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Techno Club Vol. 62

Talla 2XLC meets Rinaly
Massive Trance Hits Live In The Mix
Incl. Christina Novelli I Ramin Arab I Kita-kei I Darren Porter I Alex M.o.r.p.h. I Dj Eternity & Terra V I Above & Beyond
… and many more …

also available as Limited Edition Set

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Vinyl LP

Der große Zapfenstreich

Der große Zapfenstreich

Played by Musikkorps der 11. Panzer-Grenadier Division!

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Album CD

MANILLA ROAD Circus Maximus

CD: 13 Tracks Incl. Demo & Rough Mix Version
DVD: Official Bootleg, Circus Maximus, Live in Wichita, 11/1991

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Greatest Hits & Remixes

2CDs incl. Watch Out * Feel The Drive * Andromeda * Gee Wiz * Crash – Radio Version, 7» Version, Extended Version …. any many more …


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80s Electro Tracks – Vinyl Edition 2

2nd LP Edition Incl:
Anne Clark – Our Darkness
Interface – Like Puppets
Camouflage – The Great Commandment
OFF – Bad News … and many more …

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DVD Highlight

DVD Reiseführer & Sehenswürdigkeiten

Italo Disco Highlight

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Rock Highlight

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